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WWW and EBI: A debriefing strategy

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This short and simple activity acts as a debrief and allows participants to provide feedback following a professional development activity or meeting.


The activity is used to collect feedback about a meeting. The descriptors, ‘What Worked Well’ (WWW) and ‘Even Better If…’ (EBI) are used by participants to reflect back on and feedback on their learning experience. Participants are then invited to share their thoughts. The facilitator can collate and use the feedback to help shape future training sessions.  

Context For Use

This debriefing strategy can be adapted and used by a Professional Learning Team (PLC) or Data Team in a meeting or other professional development context.


  • Knowledge management: This is simple and effective way of debriefing and getting feedback about the learning experienced


  • A good alternative to exit cards or feedback forms
  • It does not provide detailed feedback of the learning experience

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