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School Boards Portfolios

Quebec English School Boards

The Evidence-Based Practice Project supports all nine English-language public school boards in Quebec. Together with representatives of each school board, the EBP Project aims to build capacity among educators in the areas of research and data literacy. With increased knowledge and skill, educators can ensure that their practices are evidence based and having a positive impact on student outcomes.

Each board has a distinctive character reflective of its territory, student population and the communities it serves, which translates into highly individualized approaches to student success. The EBP Project provides opportunities for school board staff to bring these different approaches together and encourages them to share their practices and successes to learn from each other.

Each School Board Portfolio offers an insight into their mission and vision, provides statistics about their population and graduation rates, and details their evidence based journey through a timeline.



Based on the most recent, 2017 graduation statistics, the graph below provides a visual representation of the trends in graduation rates over an eight year period for cohorts starting secondary school in 2004 through to 2011, being awarded a diplôme d’études secondaires (DES) within five years. The graph compares graduation rates for the whole of the Quebec student population to the nine English public school boards only. While both populations show an overall increasing graduation rate over time, the rates among high school students in the English schools has been consistently higher, rising from 72% for the 2004 cohort to nearly 80% of English school students graduating from the 2011 cohort, compared to just over 70% for all of Quebec.  


Each school board’s profile & data page displays graphs and a description of graduation rates for their school board, compared to the overall provincial statistics, using the most recent, 2017 graduation rates, published by the Ministry of Education.

In light of objective 1 in the policy on educational success, to raise the 7 year graduation and qualification rate, the nine school boards have provided descriptions of the results for five and seven year graduation rates over time, as well as descriptions of results by gender.

The statistics provided for graduation rates of the overall Quebec population include students registered in the public and private sectors and studying in either English or French speaking schools.