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Central Québec School Board Portfolio

2046 Ch. Saint-Louis, Québec, QC G1T 1P4
(418) 688-8730

The Evidence-Based Practice Project supports all nine English-language public school boards. Each board has a distinctive character reflective of its territory, student population and the communities it serves, which translates into highly individualized approaches to student success.



The mission of the Central Québec School Board is to support vibrant learning communities in its schools and Centre that empower all students to receive the best possible education, to foster their social development and to prepare them to achieve their fullest potential and become contributing members of our ever-changing society.


Learning for All.


EBP Phase 2 Grant: CQSB Highlights 2017-2018

           Project 1: Implementation of a Coaching/Mentoring Initiative

  • Goals: Building capacity among new administrators of an elementary school in leading change and in moving PLC’s forward
  • Participants: Administrators and teachers from one elementary school in CQSB
  • Next steps: Evidence of effectiveness (an increase in administrators’ capacity to lead their teams) will be gathered through conversations, observations, records of meetings.


          Project 2: Collaborative Teams-Killingbeck Accompaniment-Implementation of the Fourth Cohort’

  • Goals: Increase school team knowledge of RTI, collaborative teams, and use of evidence to drive decisions by visiting target schools at Fairfax  County Public Schools in Virginia.
  • Participants: School teams from one elementary and one secondary school in CQSB
  • Next steps: This was one of the most successful Killingbeck visits yet. The elementary school has created a leadership team, working with the administrators to move PLC’s and RTI forward. The secondary team are hoping to transfer their expertise to other departments.


          Project 3: Culture for Collaborative School Teams with Tom Hierck

  • Goals: Successful implementation of PLC’s and the development of competencies of effective leadership within a PLC, by supporting the school leadership team to move the staff forward
  • Participants: Five CQSB schools
  • Next steps: Following the initial and nine day follow-up work with Tom Hierck on starting a movement, the CQSB Educational Services carried out follow-ups with the teams and will do a survey, and school visits to gage change in practice. Increased and improved PLC’s in our schools should lead to improved practice and student success.


          Project 4: Implementation of the RTI Framework-Identifying the Essential Learning Goals

  • Goals: Unwrapping the essential learning goals was designed to be done in stages; With literacy and numeracy as our priority. Presenting background info followed by workshops allows collaborative work to do the actual process of unpacking the essential learning outcomes.
  • Participants: The number of teachers participating in the workshops totalled 200, though some of the attendance reflects teachers doing multiple workshops.
  • Next steps: An equally important part of the puzzle will be collecting evidence (Documentation) of the process that the teachers have completed. At the end of the process, the teacher teams should have gone a long way toward preparing documents outlining the essential learning goals.


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