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Central Québec School Board Portfolio

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Central  Québec  School Board EBP Journey

In 2016, Québec’s nine English school boards generously shared their stories with the EBP project about how they implemented evidence-based practices in their schools. In doing so, they hoped that the experience and knowledge gained as well as the support they received could illuminate and inform others embarking on a similar journey. 

Whereas important aspects of these stories have been captured on video , the story here provides a fuller picture of a complex work in progress and reflects how local conditions, constraints and challenges, such as the school board’s mission, the size of its territory and demographic make-up, factor into making this school board’s implementation journey unique.


Preparing the soil to plant the seed: PLCs to increase student success

Change in an organization, especially in the long and unpredictable transition stage, requires us to accept new perspectives and new ways of behaving, all the while continuing to do our day-to-day jobs. And, as Richard DuFour says “Obstacles and problems are an inevitable by-product of the change process.” Mark Sutherland, Director of Educational Services, would probably concur with this remark. So, why introduce change at all? Why embark on a plan that embraces Professional Learning Communities (PLC) that use data as an integral part of the school improvement process? 

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Central Quebec EBP Journey Timeline (2008 to present)

Each school board has its own story when it comes to the adoption of evidence-based practice. While the approach and structure may vary from one school board to another, the common element between all boards is that evidence-based practice is a long-term endeavour which offers viable results.

  • 2018 ● Lead Data Team Seminar # 26

    Connecting Professional Development to Student Success: Are We Making a Difference? Building an Action Research Plan:The third and final seminar for this year focuses on building a concrete action plan and considering the details of their data collection in order to answer the question of impact of PD on teacher practices and student outcomes. 

  • 2018 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #25

    Gap & Goal: Action Research: This second seminar of the year is aimed at further developing members’ plans for their action research projects by exploring Thomas Guskey’s model of evaluation and considering the importance of and means to evaluating professional learning for teachers to ensure that it is having an impact on student learning and improving outcomes.

  • 2018 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #24

    Developing the Rational: Action Research: By making a connection between professional learning & student success in the first of this year’s seminars, participants further develop their rationale for carrying out action research on the impact of professional development.


  • 2017 ●

    Tom Hierck Presented to TRA, MEES, SHS and DDO on igniting the passion in leadership and required changes to successful implementation of PLC`s

  • 2017 ● PLC-Data Team Project with DDO School

    Implementation of the third cohort of the joint Killingbeck/EBP PLC accompaniment included a visit to the Buffalo Trail School District to observe the first-hand results of Tom Hierck’s work with them.


  • 2017 ● Math Summer Institute Initiative

    Math Summer Institute Initiative - CQSB has embarked on a five-year plan to support this this initiative, including extensive work in schools with teams of teachers to extend their work on the teaching of mathematics.


  • 2017 ● RTI Institute

    CQSB hosted an RTI Institute in May of 2017.


  • 2017 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #23

    Bringing it all together: reviewing the year’s learning, planning action research projects to be led by each participant in their school boards, and creating Special Interest Groups (SIGs), while asking ‘will it work for me?’.


  • 2017 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #22

    How Much Does it cost? - in developing a deeper and more critical understanding of how to evaluate research, participants ask ‘how much does it cost?’ and ‘is it worthwhile?’



  • 2016-2017.● Year two and three of the Jonquière/Trois-Rivières PLC Project.

  • 2016- 2017● PLC Mentoring Support 

    A local principal who has extensive practice in implementation of PLC’s accompanied the CQSB team who attended the Robyn Jackson coaching sessions as well as assisting new principals to develop their capacity in strategic planning and use of evidence-based practice.
  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #21

    The focus is How Does it Work?

  • 2016 ● CARE Data Session

    Data literacy sessions are opened to all consultants and provided by EBP. This session focuses on item analysis.


  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #20

    This begins a series of seminars in a one year cycle examining research and research based strategies.  The focus, for the first session is, Does it Work?


  • 2015-2016 ● Ongoing data team training for educators and Principals

    Pedagogical consultants continue to offer professional development on formative assessment and will explore the use of John Hattie’s research to support the development of strategies in response to data.

  • 2015-2016 ● Ongoing CQSB commitment to evidence-based practices

    The board sets PLC calendar for next year and is looking for funding to put things in place. Work continues to build a positive culture of collaboration and to integrate the use of data by the PLCs. 

  • 2015-2016 ● Mark Sutherland, Director of Instructional Services, Adult and Vocational Education

  • 2016 ● EBP video team tour the province, documenting the nine boards’ journeys into using evidence-based practices

  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #19

    Setting the Scene: Participants begin to establish a knowledge base for accessing research and becoming familiar with the available research in education.

  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #18

    Focused on Response to Intervention (RTI) frameworks-that of Dr. Mary Howard and that was presented by Solution Tree.

  • 2016 ● Data Team Training Refresher is offered to Lead Data Team members, presented by EBP

  • 2015 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #17

    Data Types: The overall goal for participants is to have brought all their learning (data types, research, coaching for data literacy) together and made links to their roles in supporting data teams in schools.

  • 2015 ● LDT Seminar: Special edition

    Learning For Us: Formative Assessment - This year’s final Seminar aims to familiarise participants with topics related to Formative Assessment.

  • 2015 ● Data Fair #4

  • 2015 ● Canadian Education Association (CEA) Symposium

     Dropping Out - What Neuroscience Can Teach Us.

  • 2015 ● Coaching Sessions with Robyn Jackson for all consultants

  • 2015 ● LCEEQ Annual Conference features John Hattie and focuses on Visible Learning

  • 2015 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #15

    Visible Learning: A Catharsis: participants learn about key concepts in Visible Learning and consider its application in schools.


  • 2015 ● EBP becomes a priority for the Directors of English Educators Network (DEEN)

    A DEEN subcommittee is formed to help support the EBP.

  • 2014-2015 ● Special Project #3: LUMIX dashboards

    Ongoing technical support for the development of LUMIX dashboards in the area of special needs is provided to schools.  

  • 2014-2015 ● Special Project #2: Board Data Analysis Training

    Consultants attend a two-day Solution Tree session led by Cassandra Erkens on building common formative assessments. Afterwards, consultants design and locally deliver related development sessions for school teams. 

  • 2014-2015 ● Special Project #1: Montreal conference & Halifax Board visit

    Teams from Riverside Regional Elementary and Riverside Regional High School attend PLC Hybrid Conference in Montreal, followed by a visit to the Halifax District School Board to investigate its 5-year cycle of continuous school improvement. Afterwards,  teams develop a school improvement plan related to MESA and Educational Services design a plan to support schools.

  • 2014-2015 ● Special project funding

    EBP Project provides funding to three CQSB projects. 

  • 2014-2015 ● Release time granted for data teams

    Three schools benefit from teacher release time to work in data teams. The Educational Services team directly supports schools struggling to attain “performing” level with data team implementation. EBP Project funding is used to assist targeted schools with implementation.

  • 2014 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #14

    Visible Learning & School Culture: Participants gain a deeper understanding of  what resistance to change in schools looks like and explore school culture in more depth, before moving towards finding solutions.

  • 2014 ● Data Fair #3 Tracking Tools for WOTP students

  • 2014 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #13

    Establishing and Monitoring PLCs: Know Thy Impact: Preparing members to establish a Professional Learning Community (PLC) in each of Quebec’s english schools as well as ‘learning for us’.


  • 2014 ● Common Formative Assessment Workshop for all consultants

  • 2014 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #12

  • 2014 ● LCEEQ PLC Hybrid Conference

  • 2013-2014 ● School culture workshop

    An Educational Services team attend a session led by Dr. Anthony Mohammed on Transforming School Culture, with a view to developing professional development sessions and to support ongoing data team training. 

  • 2013-2014 ● Launch of French Language Data Team

    Led by the French as a Second Language (FSL) consultant, this subject-specific pilot project brings together FSL teachers from a number of schools. 

  • 2013-2014 ● Ongoing data team training

    Based on the findings of the aforementioned evaluation, data training for the entire staff of the school in question is provided.  

  • 2013-2014 ● Evidence-based practice consolidation phase

    To continue the positive momentum of EBP, the board commits to continuing consultant visits to school teams in order to analyze the impact of original data team training, ascertain each school’s level of implementation and evaluate its future needs. 

  • 2013 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #11

  • 2013 ● Data Fair #2: Data in Use

  • 2013 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #10

  • 2013 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #9

  • 2012-2013 ● Evidence-based practice becomes the norm

    Dialogue around the use of data and evidence-based practice is becoming part of the school and board culture. Once reluctant schools now express interest. 

  • 2012-2013 ● School culture workshop

    A team of five Educational Services Consultants attend a two-day worship by Dr. Anthony Mohammed on Transforming School Culture, with the objective to identify strategies that could be used to support CQSB schools in developing a cohesive and positive climate for social change. 

  • 2012-2013 ● Common formative assessment session

    CQSB administrators and school teams attend a session with Damien Cooper. 

  • 2012-2013 ● Ongoing data team training and support

    Training and ongoing support is provided by the EBP Project Leader and the Coordinator of Educational Services, with the support of pedagogical consultants. 

  • 2012-2013 ● Regional data team support sessions

    Three half-day regional sessions are held to help data teams through the process of working with their own school data. 

  • 2012-2013 ● PLC Institute, Montreal

    A large delegation of pedagogical consultants, principals and selected teachers attend conference on the relevance of PLCs and how they connect to DMR.

  • 2012-2013 ● Board meets its evidence-based practice objectives

    With strong support from the Director General and a a  significant grant from the EBP Project, the CQSB successfully meets its   evidence-based practice objectives.

  • 2012 ● Phase 2 Project funding

    EBP Project funds are made available to support school based creations of Professional Learning Communities(PLC)

  • 2012 ● Cohort 2 of the Lead Data Team is formed

  • 2012 ● DEEN members attend the Learning Forward Conference, Connect. Engage. Learn. in Boston

  • 2012 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #8

  • 2012 ● Data Fair #1: Introduction to General Practice

  • 2012 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #7

  • 2012 ● Delegates from the Lead Data Team are certified in the Data Team Training Model

  • 2012 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #6

  • 2012 ● PLC At Work Institute in Montreal

    Sessions are led by Rick and Rebecca DuFour of Solution Tree.

  • 2012 ● The Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ) Training with Dr. Cathy Lassiter is offered.

  • 2011-2012 ● Data Team Training

    Led by Cathy Lassiter, pedagogical consultants receive two days of data team training with the support of the LCEEQ and the board.

  • 2011-2012 ● Coordinator of Educational Services certified as Data Team trainer

    Certified as a “Leadership and Learning” Data Team Trainer, the Coordinator of Educational Services now qualifies as a data team trainer for all school teams (administrators and teachers). 

  • 2011 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #5

  • 2011 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #4

  • 2011 ● Leadership and Learning's Data Team Summit in Chicago

  • 2011 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #3

  • 2010 ● New Insights for Improving Schools Summit, Ottawa (ON)

    Teams attend third summit in Ontario. Sessions provoke more insights into the PLC model, its implementation and how to respond when students do not learn. 

  • 2010 ● Leadership and Learning's Data Team Summit in Colorado

  • 2010 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #2

  • 2010 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #1

    The Lead Data Team (LDT) is launched. Evidence-based Practice Project (EBP) team members recruited.
  • 2009 ● First EBP Lead Data Team established

    Board personnel become contributing members to the EBP Lead Data Team (LDT).

  • 2008 ● PLC Summit, Laval

    CQSB sends a delegation of school teams to learn more about PLCs and best practices for enhancing student achievement. 

  • 2008 ● Introduction of Bill 88

    Partnership Agreements between school boards and the Ministry of Education are signed, committing schools and boards to specific success rate targets.  
  • 2006 ● Isolated PLC teams established

    Individual CQSB schools establish PLCs. 

  • 2006 ● PLC Summit, Niagara Falls (ON)

    A team of board and school administrators attend conference. As a result, a group of CQSB elementary principals form a PLC to exchange theories and to guide best practices in their respective schools. 

  • 2006 ● Association of Administrators of English Schools of Quebec Spring Conference(AAESQ), Quebec City

    Central Quebec School Board (CQSB) representatives attend presentations on Professional Learning Communities (PLC) by Richard and Becky Dufour. CQSB starts using PLCs as a framework for school improvement.