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Eastern Shores School Board Portfolio

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Eastern Shores School Board EBP Journey

Each school board has its own story when it comes to the adoption of evidence-based practice. While the approach and structure may vary from one school board to another, the common element between all boards is that evidence-based practice is a long-term endeavour which offers viable results.  

  Facing Down Uneven Odds:  The Eastern Shores School Board Experience

Building student success is not done according to a set recipe. It is not a drop of this or a pinch of that. Change cannot be ordained. It is often a messy, somewhat uncertain process without guaranteed results.  Certainly, research informs and advises on what are the basic ‘must have’ ingredients, and then it is up to each school system to figure out what other ingredients and how much of each will work together, given local circumstances, to make the recipe work. This can certainly be said to be true of the Eastern Shores School Board (ESSB).  

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Eastern Shores EBP Journey Timeline (2008 to present) 

In 2016, Québec’s nine English school boards generously shared their stories with the EBP project about how they implemented evidence-based practices in their schools. In doing so, they hoped that the experience and knowledge gained as well as the support they received could illuminate and inform others embarking on a similar journey. 

Whereas important aspects of these stories have been captured on video , the story here provides a fuller picture of a complex work in progress and reflects how local conditions, constraints and challenges, such as the school board’s mission, the size of its territory and demographic make-up, factor into making this school board’s implementation journey unique.

  • Introduction of RTI

    Board introduces Response to Intervention (RTI). Dr. Mary Howard provides two days of training and support.

  • Student use of data

    ESSB launches tablets and chromebooks in schools, making data accessible to students as well as educators. Students are now involved in the data process and see how it works firsthand.

  • 2015-2016 ● Lisa Mosher, Director of Educational Services and Melanie Dow, Data Consultant

  • Ann Guilbeault, Math and Science Consultant and Melanie Dow, Data Consultant (2016)

    The Eastern Shores School Board (ESSB) employs marking centres for core subjects in February and at the end of June to monitor student performance.

  • Systematic use of data in classroom

    More teachers issue pre-tests to evaluate the student knowledge base in order to pinpoint the most effective teaching strategy.

  • ESSB evidence-based policies updated

    Some thirty outdated policies that aren’t supported by current data or evidence are reviewed and rewritten.

  • Site visit to Saskatchewan & Nova Scotia PLCs

    ESSB educators secure funding to visit established PLCs in Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia.  

  • Multi-school PLC established

    A virtual, multi-school PLC forms for French as a Second Language (FSL) teachers.

  • Launch of school-based PLCs

    Two schools are chosen to drive the PLC initiative. PLCs vary depending on need and location. For example, one school has a multi-level, subject-specific PLC.

  • Board provides data-driven performance reports to schools

    ESSB uses data to identify star, at-risk and special needs students. Melanie Hayes-Dow provides schools and consultants with a spreadsheet on a term-by-term basis that clearly indicates which students are struggling and the problem subject.

  • PLC event, Principals

    With funding from the EBP Project, principals attend a conference explaining PLCs.

  • Virtual PLCs established - Principals

    Three kinds of virtual PLCs for principals form, with the EBP Project hosting two of the three.

  • Board PLC established

    ESSB forms virtual PLCs to address a variety of issues. Megan Webster assists in running monthly board PLC meetings. Meeting focus is now on pedagogy.

  • Board supports schools with writing their MESAs.

  • Data Wise in action- MESA

    Schools use Data Wise process to create meaningful MESAs.  A google drive is used to facilitate the editing and updating of the MESAs.

  • In-school workshops on Data Wise model

    Lisa Mosher organizes professional development sessions and invites Geneviève Légaré, EBP Project Leader, to tour all schools and give workshops on the Data Wise model.

  • Development of data tools

    Melanie Hayes-Dow, Data Consultant at the ESSB, develops data tools for schools to use.

  • Board-wide training on Data Wise model

    Ann Guilbeault shares her newly acquired knowledge with consultants first, followed by principals and then educators.

  • First Lead Data Team

    Ann Guilbeault, Pedagogical Consultant for Math and Science at the ESSB, first joins EBP Lead Data Team and is trained in the Data Wise model.

  • Board support for PLCs

    ESSB embraces Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) as a means to build leadership capacities, to improve teaching through the use of data and evidence-based practices.

  • 2007 ● Introduction to EBP Project

    Lisa Mosher, Educational Services Director, discovers the Evidence-based Practice Project while attending a meeting in Montreal.


  • 2008 ● Introduction of Bill 88

    Partnership Agreements between school boards and the Ministry of Education are signed, committing schools and boards to specific success rate targets.