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Eastern Townships School Board Portfolio

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Eastern Townships  School Board EBP Journey

In 2016, Québec’s nine English school boards generously shared their stories with the EBP project about how they implemented evidence-based practices in their schools. In doing so, they hoped that the experience and knowledge gained as well as the support they received could illuminate and inform others embarking on a similar journey. 

Whereas important aspects of these stories have been captured on video , the story here provides a fuller picture of a complex work in progress and reflects how local conditions, constraints and challenges, such as the school board’s mission, the size of its territory and demographic make-up, factor into making this school board’s implementation journey unique.

Helping Schools Accomplish their Mission

How do you have an influence on instructional activities that impact on student achievement and success? For Kandy Mackey, Assistant Director General and Director of Educational Services at the Eastern Townships School Board, it’s about implementing Professional Learning Communities (PLC) and it’s about realizing the Board’s mission of Moving Ahead. Together. It sounds deceptively simple, but it isn’t. Through the efforts of the ETSB in this regard, we will learn that it is about going slowly and purposefully forward with a meaningful change, without taking your eye off the ball, and piloting to show the relevance of the goal to the organization as a whole. It is also about building ownership and capacity for this change at all levels of the Board, and that behind it all is a leader with a firm hand on the tiller with the organizational know-how to channel the energy of individuals towards this common goal.

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Eastern Townships School Board EBP Journey Timeline (2008 to present) 

Each school board has its own story when it comes to the adoption of evidence-based practice. While the approach and structure may vary from one school board to another, the common element between all boards is that evidence-based practice is a long-term endeavour which offers viable results.  

  • 2018 ● Lead Data Team Seminar # 26

    Connecting Professional Development to Student Success: Are We Making a Difference? Building an Action Research Plan:The third and final seminar for this year focuses on building a concrete action plan and considering the details of their data collection in order to answer the question of impact of PD on teacher practices and student outcomes. 

  • 2018 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #25

    Gap & Goal: Action Research: This second seminar of the year is aimed at further developing members’ plans for their action research projects by exploring Thomas Guskey’s model of evaluation and considering the importance of and means to evaluating professional learning for teachers to ensure that it is having an impact on student learning and improving outcomes.

  • 2018 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #24

    Developing the Rational: Action Research: By making a connection between professional learning & student success in the first of this year’s seminars, participants further develop their rationale for carrying out action research on the impact of professional development.


  • 2017 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #23

    Bringing it all together: reviewing the year’s learning, planning action research projects to be led by each participant in their school boards, and creating Special Interest Groups (SIGs), while asking ‘will it work for me?’.


  • May 2017 ● RTI Conference

    112 ETSB educators attended the Response To Intervention Conference in Quebec City.

  • 2017 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #22

    How Much Does it cost? - in developing a deeper and more critical understanding of how to evaluate research, participants ask ‘how much does it cost?’ and ‘is it worthwhile?’



  • 2016-2017 ● Site visits and ongoing professional development

    A small ETSB delegation will visit the Halifax Regional School Board to obtain another view of a PLC district. Virtual meetings between the ETSB PLC teams will be held with mature PLC teams and their coordinator from the Ottawa district.

  • 2016-2017 ● Ongoing PLC support

    The Pedagogical Services Team provides support and accompaniment at the local level. Two PLC support days for school teams (one administrator and three teachers) are planned. An external PLC Coach will work on the monthly basis with the Pedagogical Services team and the principals to increase the leadership role required for successful PLC implementation. 

  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #21

    The focus is How Does it Work?

  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #20

    This begins a series of seminars in a one year cycle examining research and research based strategies.  The focus, for the first session is, Does it Work?


  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #19

    Setting the Scene: Participants begin to establish a knowledge base for accessing research and becoming familiar with the available research in education.

  • 2016 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #18

    Focused on Response to Intervention (RTI) frameworks-that of Dr. Mary Howard and that was presented by Solution Tree.

  • 2016 ● Three-Board Network for Principals & Administrators - Network 1

    Building the Foundation of the Network - By the end of the two day session, participants had received a clear understanding of the purpose, organisation and expectations of the network, carried out a self-assessment on the knowledge and skills pertaining to PLCs & collaborative inquiry and drafted a school portrait using demographics.

  • 2016-2018 ● Three-Board Network for Principals

    Creation of the Design Team of the Three-Board Network for Principals to establish Professional Learning Communities (PLC) in all Secondary schools. Participating boards are Eastern Townships, Riverside and New Frontiers.

  • 2015-2016

    New teams focus on data literacy and common formative assessment, while more experienced teams support student learning through co-constructed collaborative approaches to professional practice.

  • 2015-2016 ● Kandy Mackey, , Assistant Director General & Director of Pedagogical Services

  • 2015 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #17

    Data Types: The overall goal for participants is to have brought all their learning (data types, research, coaching for data literacy) together and made links to their roles in supporting data teams in schools.

  • 2015 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #15

    Visible Learning: A Catharsis: participants learn about key concepts in Visible Learning and consider its application in schools.


  • 2015 ● LDT Seminar: Special edition

    Learning For Us: Formative Assessment - This year’s final Seminar aims to familiarise participants with topics related to Formative Assessment.

  • 2014-2015 ● Addition of five elementary schools and an adult and vocational training education centre.

    School-based data teams continue to compile and analyze results to identify and develop strategies to improve student success rates. 

  • 2014-2015 ● Monthly PLC Sharing Meetings

    The Director of Pedagogical Services coordinates monthly Principal PLC Sharing meetings to promote exchange and learning, to provide mutual support and to remain focused on the implementation process.

  • 2014-2015 ● Development of EBP toolkit

    The Director of Pedagogical Services collaborates with the EBP Project Leader to develop a toolkit for consultants to use with school teams.

  • 2014-2015 ● Ongoing PLC support

    Two PLC support days are held throughout the year to develop team expertise and increase effectiveness. 

  • 2014-2015 ● PLC Summit, Laval

    All school teams attend the hybrid PLC Conference in Laval. 

  • 2014 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #14

    Visible Learning & School Culture: Participants gain a deeper understanding of  what resistance to change in schools looks like and explore school culture in more depth, before moving towards finding solutions.

  • 2014 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #13

    Establishing and Monitoring PLCs: Know Thy Impact: Preparing members to establish a Professional Learning Community (PLC) in each of Quebec’s english schools as well as ‘learning for us’.


  • 2014 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #12

  • 2013-2014 ● Consultants assigned to schools to develop PLC culture

    Consultants are assigned to individual schools to support teams in developing a PLC culture. 

  • 2013-2014 ● Ongoing EBP training

    School teams attend EBP Project Data Literacy Day. The Educational Services team attends a two-day training session on Assessment for Student Learning led by the EBP Project.

  • 2013 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #11

  • 2013 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #10

  • 2013 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #9

  • 2012-2013 ● Ongoing PLC support

    Three PLC support days are held for eight schools experiencing difficulty.

  • 2012-2013 ● Introduction of annual progress evaluation

    An annual evaluation component is implemented to monitor the progress of school teams. It is comprised of indicators such as student results, observation checklist and feedback questionnaires. 

  • 2012-2013 ● Ongoing PLC support

    Four training and support days are held between November 2013 and June 2013. Training is led by the Educational Services Department, with support from lead PLC coordinators from the Ottawa school board and the EBP Project Leader. 

  • 2012-2013 ● PLC Consultant and Department Meetings

    ETSB returns to Ottawa for school site visits and holds meetings with board consultants to discuss their changing role vis-à-vis data management coaching. Main elements of the PLC process are modelled in department meetings to promote a better understanding of the school-based PLC experience.

  • 2012-2013 ● Communication within system

    ETSB Pedagogical Services Department take the lead in communicating how and why of the PLC approach within the system.

  • 2012-2013 ● Introduction of school PLCs

    Eight school-based PLCs meet during school hours to compile and analyze results to identify and develop strategies to improve student success rates. 

  • 2012 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #8

  • 2012 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #7

  • 2012 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #6

  • 2011-2012 ● Exploration of PLCs and Data Teams

    ETSB takes a delegation of 12 administrators on a site visit to the Conseil des écoles catholiques du Centre-Est (Ottawa, Ontario), a board which has successfully implemented a systemic Professional Learning Committee (PLC) since 2002 and posts a graduation rate of 98%. 

  • 2011 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #5

  • 2011 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #4

  • 2011 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #3

  • 2010 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #2

  • 2010 ● Lead Data Team Seminar #1

    The Lead Data Team (LDT) is launched. Evidence-based Practice Project (EBP) team members recruited.
  • 2009-2011 ● First EBP Lead Data Team Established

    Eastern Township School Board (ETSB) Evaluation and Measurement Consultant becomes a founding and contributing member of the EBP Project’s Lead Data Team (LTD). 

  • 2008 ● Introduction of Bill 88

    Partnership Agreements between school boards and the Ministry of Education are signed, committing schools and boards to specific success rate targets.