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English Montreal School Board Portfolio

6000 Fielding Avenue, Montreal, QC H3X 1T4
(514) 483-7200

The Evidence-Based Practice Project supports all nine English-language public school boards. Each board has a distinctive character reflective of its territory, student population and the communities it serves, which translates into highly individualized approaches to student success.  


“We, the stakeholders (parents, commissioners, staff [teachers, professionals and support staff], administrators, youth and adult students/learners) of the English Montreal School Board are dedicated to being the best that we can be”.  


The mission of the English Montreal School Board is to support its schools and centres in their efforts to educate students within a caring, safe and inclusive learning community.

  • Recognize and value the diversity of its community;
  • Provide all students with the opportunity to develop their talents and achieve their personal best;
  • Recognize the skills and competencies of its employees and support their continuous professional development;
  • Encourage collaboration among the various educational partners;
  • Use resources effectively and innovatively to help schools and centres focus on the mission of instruction, socialization, and qualification;  
  • Encourage lifelong learning and critical thinking.

The EMSB mission fosters the development of educated and responsible persons who will assume their position as active members of a democratic society.  


EBP Phase 2 Grant: EMSB Highlights 2017-2018

          Project 1: RTI Pilot Development at the EMSB

  • Goals: One-day professional development activity for school lead teams, and teacher collaborative teams from five pilot schools to support knowledge of RTI framework and implementation
  • Participants: Five pilot schools (two secondary and three elementary)
  • Next steps: In-school direct support of lead teams and teacher collaborative teams as they create the framework for RTI implementation.

Previous years Phase 2 reports:

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