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Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board Portfolio

235 Montée Lesage, Rosemère, QC J7A 4Y6
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The Evidence-Based Practice Project supports all nine English-language public school boards. Each board has a distinctive character reflective of its territory, student population and the communities it serves, which translates into highly individualized approaches to student success. 



The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board believes that all our students deserve our complete commitment to their success.


The Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board's mission is to provide a stimulating learning environment, develop accessible educational services and enable our students of all ages to become responsible independent citizens in their community and beyond.  


EBP Phase 2 Grant: SWLSB Highlights 2017-2018

          Project 1: SWLSB Evidence-based Practice Project – Using PLCs to improve student learning in the Academic Consolidation program

  • Goals: The goal of this Evidence Based project was to change teaching efficacy through a PLC model in order to consolidate the learning of ‘at risk’ students entering the high school system to increase the likelihood of these at-risk students graduating.
  • Participants: A total of 24 PLC meetings took place in the 4 schools that offered the Academic Consolidation program. These PLC meetings involved a total of 25 teachers, 4 administrators and 6 educational consultants.
  • Next steps: The next logical steps would be to continue this PLC project in the two schools that are continuing to offer the AC program next year but to add other high schools where PLCs can be used in an attempt to help ‘at risk’ students. In the next phase of this project the PLC methodology will be used to develop evidence-based approaches to support teachers in their attempt to address the needs of these vulnerable learners.


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