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EBP PHASE 2 Grants

The Phase 2 grant, an initiative developed by the Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Project, is currently in its seventh year (2018-19) of supporting projects across Quebec’s nine English School Boards. It was created in response to the need for school teams to have time to learn and resources to make positive changes for teachers and students.

The purpose of the EBP Phase 2 grant is to support the development and the implementation of professional learning communities or data teams with a view to promote student success through professional learning. The target clienteles are mainly school teams whose members belong to a PLC/Data team. The grant can also be used to support school board teams with the implementation of data teams.

School Boards can apply for funding, which ranges from $15,000 to $30,000 a year. Topics eligible for funding under the EBP umbrella include collaborative inquiry; data literacy; evaluation of and for learning; collaborative teams; implementation of a framework, program, model, or initiative; and research-based practices.

Proposals and activity reports are assessed by an evaluation committee composed of a minimum of three people, including representatives from the Directors of English Education Network (DEEN) and MEES .

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To realize the possible.

Helping you with advice

We offer school boards and schools the opportunity to have a third party observe and give feedback on meetings, data teams, and other practices.

Helping you define the possible

We offer support to new administrators and educational services departments, among others, on topics such as: school improvement strategies, building collaborative practices, data analysis and the inquiry process, strategic planning, formative evaluation and more. 

We offer customized coaching for individuals or groups on a variety of subjects, including school improvement or the data process, collaborative inquiry, PLCs or data teams, or new project implementation. 

Professional Development

Data Fairs

The LUMIX-FAIR, organized by the Evidence-based Practice Project, was created to provide an opportunity for exchange between LUMIX users across the nine Quebec English School Boards, and to create an informal network that would encourage the sharing of information and resources. There were four fairs organised between 2012 and 2015, to which all school boards were invited. The activities provided throughout the four fairs focused on building the capacity of the English school community with regards to the development, implementation and use of the Lumix tool.

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We focus on professional growth and capacity building by providing a variety of learning situations, such as workshops, seminars, professional exchanges and more, in which administrators, teachers and other educators may develop content knowledge, competencies, skills and best teaching practices.

Drive change and provide leadership for evidence-based learning in your board through EBP seminars. Lead Data Team members meet on the regular basis to stay on top of the latest trends, study the latest professional literature, learn about different models and problem-solve with a view to transfer knowledge acquired to their respective boards.

Advance your understanding of data-based practices through exchanges in a Professional Learning Community (PLC) network. We take care of everything, from building a common PLC structure and schedule to coordinating video conferences (when applicable), providing relevant resources and facilitating learning. PLC networks provide an excellent opportunity to collectively study literature on chosen topics, discuss problems encountered in the current learning environment, identify common challenges, try out new ideas and share experiences.

Learn how to organize and store data quickly and efficiently for easy access with an EBP Data Fair.

Work with peers, examine data, try out a specific tool or simply get to the root of a problem in one of the many interactive workshops offered by the EBP Project. Adapted to meet your needs and schedule, workshops can run as long as a day or as short as an hour. 


Reporting of Provincial exam results

CARE members, supported by the EBP Project, create annual provincial portraits of the uniform ministerial exam results. The outcome of Advanced Data Analysis sessions are the detailed reports produced for DEEN, and accessible to all of Quebec’s English community.


CARE Provincial Report June Exams 2017

CARE Provincial Report June Exams 2016

CARE Provincial Report June Exams 2015



Advanced Data Analysis Workshop - Provincial Ministerial Exams


Getting results.

We provide comprehensive knowledge on all things data, which includes expert advice on relevant and valid data survey tools and instruments, their timely use, as well as the use of data for strategic planning and professional development.



We will keep you up-to-date on all relevant research on educational trends so that school boards and schools can have access to only the best and most promising practices, both in administration and in teaching.


Transfer and adaptation of knowledge: Getting the right information to the right people at the right time   We offer opportunities to discuss and reflect on how to organize, appropriate and transfer knowledge learned in one context and how to adapt it to another, as well to make sure it is available for future users.