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Crucial to the success of the EBP Project is our cooperative approach, driven by our multi-disciplinary team of collaborators who work together to advance data-driven practices throughout Quebec’s nine English-language school boards.

Eliane Dulude, Ph.D.
LDT Meeting Observer

As a doctoral student and research professional at the Université de Montréal, Eliane is presently conducting a study that aims to better understand how intermediary organizations interpret and use evidence to support principals and teachers who are using this evidence.

Andrew Zielinski, MBA
Website Consultant

Andrew provides management, marketing, and operations consulting services to a wide range of clients through his company, the Accron Group. As a part-time adult education teacher, he trains students in: how to start a business, sales representation, and professional/consulting sales techniques.

Lynn Travers
Website Content and Report Writer

Following a long career in education, Lynn now offers translation (French to English) and writing services to a broad range of clients.

Lori Rabinovitch, Ph.D.

For approximately 8 years, Lori was a pedagogical consultant for the English Montreal School Board in both the youth and adult sectors, and is currently a pedagogical consultant for the youth sector of Québec’s Ministry of Education. In both instances, her primary responsibility has been to accompany educators in the implementation of Quebec’s pedagogical renewal project.

Lori holds a doctorate in the Philosophy of Education from McGill University, and is a research member of the Chaire UNESCO de développement curriculaire, UQAM. She has worked internationally for UNESCO's International Bureau of Education, Geneva.

Over the years, many highly-skilled education specialists have lent their expertise and insight to promote the EBP Project and encourage the use of evidence-based practices to support student success in Quebec.

Louise Marzinotto
MEESR Representative

A former school principal, guidance counsellor and teacher, Louise is an Education Specialist who coordinates this dossier at the level of the Ministry of Education under the aegis of Direction des services à la communauté anglophone. She has been accompanying and supporting the project since its inception.

Claudia Giuliani
EBP Team 2009 - 2014

Claudia contributed to the development of guides, data entry and data kits for school boards. She played an essential role in the organisation of capacity building events, including data literacy workshops, data fairs, lead data team seminars, etc.

Natalie Knott, M.A.

Natalie has been part of the educational community for the past 21 years. She has a BSc in Agriculture, a Teacher's 1G diploma from McGill University, and a Masters in Educational Leadership from McGill University. She has been a classroom teacher for the LBPSB and a Principal of Flemming Elementary School for the ESSB. She has: created curriculum for Learn Quebec; served the Anglophone Community as Consultant for the Ethics and Religious Culture Program; and taught pre-service teachers for 2 years at McGill University. Her interests include Critical Pedagogy, and mentoring and supporting teachers in their use of best practices with students.

Dominique Laurence
EBP Team Consultant 2014 - 2015

As a teacher, Dominique was a member of the first Lead Data Team pilot project in the province (St. Lawrence Senior, LBPSB). She was also part of the delegation that visited the Halifax Regional School Board to learn more about continuous school improvement.

Katie Brown, B.ED.
Administrative Support and Communications

With experience in education and web design, Katie Brown joined the Evidence-Based Practice Project in the fall of 2014. She provided both administrative and communications support to the project and has been instrumental in developing and maintaining the EBP website. A former high school integration aide, Katie holds a B.Ed. from McGill University as well as a Diplôme d'études collégiales (D.E.C.) in Web Design from John Abbott College. She is passionate about education and was delighted to be able to contribute her web design skills to the EBP Project. 

Sébastien Rist
EBP Educational Video Production

In addition to producing educational videos for the EBP Team, Sébastien accompanied a group of schools on their professional development journey to Halifax.

Ron Turchyniak
EBP Website Developer and Data Entry Tools Designer

A former adult education teacher in the use of technology, Ron is currently an educational technology consultant at the SWLSB.

Bill Welham
EBP Team Intern in Educational Technology

As part of a Masters internship in educational technology, Bill designed online learning courses for the EBP, and created an extensive database to record all data team and other school improvement tools. He also conducted multiple interviews with Lead Data Team members to collect their stories.

The EBP Project collaborates extensively with a network of educational organizations, committees and professionals to achieve our goals and broaden our impact.

We are pleased to be an active partner with the following:


Leadership Committee for English Education in Quebec (LCEEQ)

The Directors of English Education Network (DEEN), is composed of representatives from the nine English school boards. The network's goal is to provide educational leadership and a vision that ensures the English educational community in Quebec is at the forefront of exemplary, innovative, and evidence-based educational practices intended to improve student success. See the DEEN's Mandate.


The Committee on Assessment, Reporting and Evaluation (CARE) is a sub-committee of DEEN (see above) and its objectives relate to:

  • Professional Development
  • Materials and Resources
  • Assessment and Evaluation

The Committee is responsible for developing a two-year evidence-based action plan. Progress reports are submitted to DEEN on an annual basis.

Synergy Committee

The Synergy Committee is a sub-committee of the Director Generals' Table. The goal of the committee is to ensure that, through on-going dialogue between Directors of Pedagogical/Educational Services and Directors and Coordinators of Information Technologies, the implementation and integration of technologies is based on the best interests of students as 21st century learners. The mission is to provide innovative leadership and vision that connects the use of educational technology and attendant practices directly to student success. The Synergy Committee is responsible for generating a list of priorities reviewed on an annual basis.

Web Support

Dawn Bessey-Gans - Content Writer

Diane Stehle - Web Architect

Evolving Web - Programmer

Karina Marquis - Graphic Designer

Agence Le Backstore inc. - Programmer

Nicolas St-Germain - Videographer




The EBP Project is thankful for the support of our partners, both past and present, who share in our commitment to sustain school improvement and student success by promoting, supporting and facilitating the process of using evidence through sharing best practices.


New Approaches New Solutions (NANS) aims to adapt practices at both the school and classroom levels to ensure greater success for students from disadvantaged areas, and to decrease the academic gap these students often experience.

Partnership Support Group - 2009-2015

The Partnership Support Group (PSG) was established to provide concrete support to school boards in the writing, implementation, and evaluation of their Partnership Agreements (PA). As well, the PSG provided resources (website, PA, MESA and annual reporting templates, and information documents), consultation, and training upon request. Once PA's were submitted to the MEESR, the PSG provided feedback to the Boards on how they could be improved. The EBP Project leader provided expertise and support to the PSG, and offered workshops to school boards on the techniques of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. [See Partnership Agreement Resource Site on Learn.](