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Three-Board Network for Principals: Sessions

Three-Board Network for Principals: Sessions


For the leaders of secondary schools in small boards, where there are fewer opportunities for working with other principals and sharing practice, the Network for Principals and Administrators (NfP) offers them peer support and the chance to learn-apply-debrief as a network. In addition to providing school leaders the opportunity to be part of a community of learning, they receive professional development, time and support with the implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and Data Teams.

Applying the Network’s motto “learn together-apply in school-share” to the work that is done during the sessions, school leaders can work together towards their shared goal of improving student success for all children and young people.  

The NfP aims to create a professional learning community by fostering the acquisition of knowledge and the exchange of expertise between members. Because good practice is grounded in theory, the participants are expected to acquire new knowledge before and/or during the seminar to deepen their understanding. Lists of readings are provided for each seminar and proposed by the design team.

The anticipated Duration of the network is from September 2016 to June 2018. The NfP consists of a 1.5 day introductory session followed by monthly 1 day sessions and ideally onsite support for participants in between sessions. All secondary schools from Riverside, Eastern Townships and New Frontiers school boards are involved in the NfP and the administrators from each secondary school have made a commitment to take part in the two year network.

Throughout the sessions, principals and administrators work together through a number of practical exercises to activate knowledge and further their learning around building PLCs and the process of collaborative inquiry. Case and problem based learning approaches are used, and protocols are applied when carrying out tasks in preparation to transfer principals’ learning and expertise into their daily role as pedagogical facilitators.